Our scientific knowledge is not as solid as we think

This last year and a half a phenomenon in academia has caught my attention. A big chunk of the scientific papers published in reputable journals don’t replicate. In this article we will try to explain the reasons behind this crisis, its implications and what we might do about it.

What is replication ?

You could make a solid case for the view that the main goal of science is to find the laws of the world. Indeed, the scientific enterprise has, since its inception, expanded our understanding of our universe. A reason for that is the scientist’s ability to discover patterns or constants in…

The human brain is too complex to replicate

The reason I got interested in artificial intelligence is because the idea of artificial general intelligence, or AGI, amazed me.

It seems that the ambition of creating artificial life has inhabited people’s minds for millennia. In Greek mythology, Hephaestus forged and gave life to the bronze giant Talos, a form of artificial life.

Nonetheless, I currently believe that this hope will never be fulfilled. My argument underpinning this belief is short and based on a very useful heuristic, or rule of thumb, that I will lay out here. …

Younès Kamel

Graduate student in Data Science. I blog about diverse topics such as economics, philosophy, machine learning and scientific research. www.youneskamel.com

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